Statins FLUNK major test in heart patients

The moment you have a heart problem, your doc will put you on cholesterol drugs.

"It's time to get serious," he'll say, using his most serious voice. "No more messing around."

Yet that's EXACTLY what he's doing!

While you're in desperate need of help to protect your ailing ticker, he's messing around, as new research proves that the drugs he's practically forcing on you DON'T work!

This new study put the statin drug atorvastatin (a.k.a. Lipitor) up against a placebo in folks getting treated right after some of the most common and most deadly heart conditions of all, including heart attack and unstable angina.

Docs have figured that statins would help boost survival odds in these and other similar conditions where the heart can't suck up the blood it needs.

The study shows that they figured wrong -- BIG TIME -- and their patients are now paying the price.

It focused on a practice called "loading" in which patients are given statins in advance of either surgical treatments, such as coronary artery bypass grafting, or non-surgical treatments such as medication therapy.

Over 30 days, the "loading" didn't matter a lick.

The patients who got a placebo had essentially the same rate of major cardiovascular events as the folks who took the drug.

Some in the mainstream are celebrating statins anyway, since the study finds one case where the drugs really do seem to help.

That's in folks going in for a percutaneous coronary intervention.

In these patients, statins cut the risk of major events by about a quarter in the month after the operation.

Sounds good, right?

Don't celebrate yet: Only a few months ago, a different study proved that percutaneous coronary intervention is essentially a hoax.

It DOESN'T work in most patients... and it should almost NEVER be used!

This wasn't some out-there study from the fringes, either.

It was a major piece of research that made big headlines and caused some mainstream docs to cancel operations that very day when the news broke.

In other words, the only time statins MIGHT work is when you're getting a procedure that you SHOULD'T have.

Try making sense of that!

The good news here is that you DON'T have to turn to drugs and surgeries that DON'T work after a heart attack.

You have options.

The best options will depend on your condition, your health, and your other risk factors, but don't dismiss the power of the basics: down-home good nutrition, a healthy diet, a little movement, and proven heart-protecting supplements such as coenzyme Q10 and fish oil.