Sleepy? It could be a warning from your brain!

Everyone loves a nap.

If I had the time, I'd like to take a daytime doze myself!

But there's a difference between WANTING a nap and desperately NEEDING one.

And if you're in that second category... if you're plumb exhausted in the middle of the day and don't know why... I've got your wake-up call today.

All of that sleepiness could be a warning sign of a DANGEROUS change taking place deep inside your brain!

New research shows how feeling very tired during the day isn't just a signal that you're running a wink or two short of 40 every night.

It may be a warning sign of sleep so poor that it could lead to damage inside of your brain that could eventually trigger dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

You won't feel that damage -- not at first, anyway -- because it unfolds very, very slowly.

In the new study, scans taken across up to seven years found that the folks who were very tired during the day had dramatic changes inside the brain.

They had higher levels of beta-amyloid plaques, the "junk" proteins that clog up the brain and lead to cognitive struggles and, eventually, dementia.

No one in the study had the condition yet. But they were certainly well on the way there, especially if that damage continued.

That's why we're not going to let it continue.

We're going to act now, because this isn't the only time that problems in bed have been linked to dementia and dementia-related damage in the brain.

One study earlier this year even found that just a single night of missed sleep can cause those same junky proteins to accumulate up in your gray matter.

And, of course, other studies over the years have found a consistent link between poor sleep now and dementia risk later.

But you can stop it. You can stop it now... sleep better than ever... enjoy more energy during the day... and save your brain years down the road.

Sometimes, it's as easy as fixing bad habits: Avoid caffeine and alcohol... turn off the TV a little earlier.

But that's not going to do the trick for everyone, especially folks who are so tired that their days are ruined.

That's often a sign of another deeper problem. In older people, it's generally an indication of hormonal problems.

Complete testing and treatment can restore your balance and help you sleep better than ever, keeping you from feeling tired during the day and making sure that your brain stays sharp for years to come.

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