This common drug can be deadly in heart patients

Your doctor will SAY that he's doing it to help you.

He'll INSIST that he's trying to save your life.

He'll SWEAR up and down that treating depression after a heart attack is key to your overall survival.

He's right about that last part.

Fighting mood disorders IS essential to recovery and longevity, as heart patients with depression are three to four times more likely to die.

But he's WRONG about how to treat it. He's DEAD wrong -- because the drugs that he claims will save you could actually KILL you.

New research focused on the patients who are most at risk, looking at nearly 9,000 folks who'd just survived the scare of a lifetime.

They'd each had a heart attack.

It's an emotional time in any life. Some feel closer to God... others feel closer to the grave.

You can be happy to be alive and yet sad to be so sick -- and it's normal to feel gratitude, anxiety, fear, and flat-out depressed.

Some folks run through ALL of those emotions!

All of the patients in the study were no doubt sent home from the hospital with a host of new meds because of their heart problems.

But 6 percent found one extra pill in the mix: They were given antidepressant drugs to deal with their post-attack mood problems.

In theory, this should've helped them. In theory, they should've had a better survival rate.

In theory (and at the very least), they shouldn't have had a WORSE survival rate. But in reality, that's just what happened.

Over the next 12 months, they had a 66 percent higher risk of death from any cause than the folks who didn't get the antidepressants.

The study doesn't prove that the drugs caused this risk, and it doesn't show the reason for it.

It could be that these meds are simply bad news in heart patients.

It could be that depression leads to inflammation, which can worsen heart problems -- and the drugs don't treat inflammation.

It could be that the drugs simply aren't very good at treating the depression itself.

It could be all of the above.

But if you're battling heart problems and mood disorders, you don't want to mess around with "could be."

You want proven help.

Brain-boosting nutrients such as B vitamins and fish oil can ease depression, fight inflammation, and protect the heart at the same time. If you need a little more help, this is the perfect time to consider homeopathic remedies, which are often highly effective.

Because they're highly diluted, they generally won't interact with medications, but speak with a doctor just to make sure.