Stay STRONG even as you get older

Ladies, there's a science-backed way to BUILD muscle... PROTECT bone... and SAVE yourself from painful and potentially crippling injuries.

This one little trick can stop you from turning brittle and frail even as you keep turning those calendar pages.

You don't have to glug glass after nauseating glass of milk until you're gassy and bloated.

You don't have to gnaw on those chalky old calcium chews until you're ready to gag.

And you can forget those overpriced -- and over-processed -- protein bars that taste like sawdust with raisins and chocolate chips glued into the middle.

The real key is in making a few simple changes to your dinner plate.

Don't worry -- this isn't the usual ho-hum advice on counting calories, cutting back on fat, and practically starving yourself until you hate every meal.

No, under this plan, bone and muscle protection comes in the form of filling and delicious meals that feature some of your favorite foods... including dishes with the healthy fats that your body craves.

The key? Go Mediterranean.

You've heard me talk up this healthy lifestyle before -- especially for protecting your heart, cutting your stroke risk, and preventing degenerative diseases such as dementia.

Now, the latest research shows how this same delicious diet can also do wonders for your STRENGTH, MOBILITY, and VITALITY by keeping your muscles and bones strong.

And that, in turn, can ensure that you keep your independence and continue to enjoy doing the things you love.

Here's the most important part of the study: It didn't just find that the diet works in general, overall, and for everyone (although it certainly does).

Instead, it focused on the patients most at risk.

It looked specifically at older women who were past menopause, when you can practically feel your strength slipping out of your body as "the change" makes it a struggle to keep muscle and bone.

It's why older women have the greatest risk of falls and injuries, not to mention that infamously higher risk of bone breaks.

But you can turn it all around on this diet.

The study finds that the closer you stick to this healthy lifestyle that's rich in healthy fats and fresh produce, the higher your bone-mineral density and the more muscle mass you can expect to maintain as you keep blowing out those birthday candles.

That makes this easy-to-follow diet more powerful than any drug out there when it comes to helping older women keep strong and maintain healthy muscle and bone.

The only addition I'd make is a subtraction: While this diet generally allows for some whole grains, I find that you'll get maximum health benefits by cutting ALL grains out completely.