How popular medications can destroy essential gut bacteria

It's the sneak attack on your own body... something that could be happening RIGHT NOW.

It could be destroying one of the most vital parts of your natural defense system.

And what makes this so sinister is that it's being caused by the very things that you THINK are helping you!

New research reveals how dozens of popular medications -- including drugs that millions of people rely on every day -- can destroy the "good" bacteria that live in your gut and are essential to digestion, immune function, nutrient absorption, hormone regulation, neurotransmitter production, and more.

Your meds could be quietly short-circuiting all of those functions!

We already know that antibiotics destroy both good and bad bacteria, leading to imbalances in the gut. Today, even many mainstream doctors now urge patients to take probiotics during and after antibiotic prescriptions to restore that balance.

But the new study exposes the REAL problem, showing how it goes far beyond antibiotics.

Dozens of common medications have almost the same effect on your bacterial balance.

Researchers tested more than 1,000 medications for their effects on common types of bacteria found in a healthy gut.

They found that 1 in 4 killed off at least one type of "good" germ.

What made this so shocking to the researchers is that many of these drugs don't actually "target" bacteria.

They aim at human cells, yet the study finds that they also kill off essential gut bacteria in what the researchers are calling "collateral damage."

They found that this damage is caused by drugs such as the acid reflux med known as Prilosec (a.k.a omeprazole), as well as the popular calcium channel blockers used to treat high blood pressure, the diabetes drug metformin, chemotherapy drugs, psychiatric medications, and more.

Even some antiviral drugs -- which are specifically meant to target viruses and NOT bacteria -- can kill off the healthy microbes in your gut.

And this is just ONE way those critical bacteria can be wiped out.

They're coming under assault from every direction, as chemicals in food, toxins in the environment, and trace levels of drugs in your water can all wipe out these essential microbes.

But you can fight back. By taking a probiotic supplement daily for better digestion and overall good health, you can give your bacteria the reinforcements they need to hold off the assault.

Look for a quality blend built around human-tested strains (such as B. longum and L. plantarum) from a maker you trust.