Testosterone gets a big boost from the mainstream

Guys, this could solve ALL your problems


One of the BIGGEST health problems facing older men is getting some big-time recognition from the mainstream.

It’s the “secret” cause of just about ALL of the problems that pop up once you cross the other side of 50, from sagging energy to low mood to that notorious “spare tire” that won’t deflate no matter what you try.

This single hidden condition can make you slower, weaker, and sicker.

It’s also responsible for those infamous bedroom issues.

For YEARS, doctors have tried to ignore this silent problem.

But now, the mainstream media has just come clean and admitted that this ONE ISSUE alone could solve practically all of your problems at once.

The New York Times published a stunning report that admits that testosterone can be a game-changer for older men.

The newspaper’s lengthy article may be the first of its kind from such a mainstream news organization. And it comes right out and says it: If you’re low in testosterone, this therapy can bring back your vim and vigor.

Being the Times, there is a downside to the report: It starts out by saying that testosterone “probably” won’t help you.

The reason?

First, the article says that it ONLY works if you go from low to normal. If you’re already in the zone, it claims, boosting it won’t help.

The truth is a little more complicated, but that’s not the biggest problem with the story.

That comes next: The Times claims that the problem isn’t all that common, with only 5 percent of men between 50 and 59 being low in testosterone.

The newspaper failed to note that the numbers jump dramatically from there, with the risk QUADRUPLING once you hit 60.

Some 20 percent of men between 60 to 70 years old are low, along with nearly a third of men in their 70s and up to half of guys in their 80s.

That adds up to more than just a massive quality-of-life issue.

It’s also a life-or-death issue, as older men with low testosterone have a higher risk of heart problems and death.

If you haven’t been tested yet, it’s time to get checked out, especially if you just “don’t feel right.”

Your doctor may have dismissed it as age, but as the new report shows, it’s not just the passage of time at fault.

It’s your hormones. And if you’re low, your levels can be replaced in two ways.

First, natural therapies and a little weight loss can get your body to produce more of the hormone entirely on its own.

If that doesn’t quite solve the problem, the second step is natural hormone therapy in the care of an experienced doctor.

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God bless,
Dr. Mark Stengler

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