Pneumonia linked to PPI drugs

This popular drug could CRUSH your immune system

It’s one of the most powerful natural defense systems inside your body – one so effective that it could be BLOCKING a potentially deadly infection RIGHT NOW.

When it’s working, you don’t even know it.

You don’t notice a thing, because you don’t get sick.

But new research shows how it could be short-circuiting, falling apart, and about to collapse.

And the reason for this critical failure? One of today’s most commonly used medications (especially among older Americans)!

When you have reflux, stomach acid might seem like the last thing in the world you need.

In reality, it’s your first line of defense.

The same acid that bubbles up and burns your throat can boil invading germs – including the nasties that you fear most.

When you take a drug to cut your acid levels, you might get a little reflux relief… but it comes at a huge price.

Dangerous bacteria are more likely to survive, increasing your risk of pneumonia.

The new study finds that proton pump inhibitors – a class of medication that includes top-selling drugs such as Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid – can increase the risk of this potentially deadly infection, especially in folks over 60.

One in every 420 older folks who take PPIs will end up with pneumonia because of the drugs.

This new study focused on healthy folks. At least, the folks THOUGHT they were healthy.

They had no idea trouble was brewing deep inside their guts as their own meds set the stage for a fight with pneumonia.

If you’re less than healthy… or have had some on-and-off battles that have sent you to the hospital from time to time… the risk could be even greater. Studies have shown that seniors in hospitals who take PPIs are up to 30 percent more likely to suffer from pneumonia.

That’s not the only infection linked to the drugs, either.

Those same low acid levels could also set the stage for C. diff, a powerful germ responsible for diarrhea that’s severe enough to kill you.

In addition, PPIs can block the absorption of key nutrients, including magnesium. They can lead to weak and brittle bone, setting the stage for a fracture.

They’ve even been linked to dangerous heartbeat conditions.

And in a sick way, they’re addictive, triggering a condition called “acid rebound” in which the reflux comes back with a vengeance if you try to quit, practically forcing you back onto the meds.

There are far better ways to tame acid problems without facing any of these risks, and they all start with complete testing and treatment for food sensitivities in the care of a skilled holistic medical doctor.

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