Protein in high levels could boost your heart risk

New warning over your summer grilling favorites

Summer means BBQ season, and everyone loves a meal hot off the grill.

But this summer, there’s one tweak you want to make.

Banish the burgers… and set the hot dogs free.

If you want to grill up something that’s both good and good for you, stick to salmon and chicken – because new research shows again how some forms of protein are worse you for than others.

And as you might guess just from looking around, the most popular proteins of all – especially the ones at summer cookouts – are also the most damaging, especially for men.

Eat too much of them, and you’re not just facing a bigger risk of an expanding waistline.

You could end up battling one of the deadliest conditions of all.

Your burger habit could lead directly to heart failure!

The new study again links high levels of certain proteins to big-time risks, with the biggest risks of all going to men who eat too much meat and dairy.

Overall, guys who eat (and drink) the most dairy protein have a 49 percent jump in the risk of heart failure, while that risk climbs by 43 percent in men who have the most animal protein.

A burger is bad… and a cheeseburger is worse.

If you’re one of the folks still following the low-carb, high-protein diets that were all the rage a few years back, I hate to burst your bubble.

Those diets are good in the sense that they restrict carbs, especially sugars, which are the worst of the lot. The downside is that the meat – all of that animal protein, especially – is just a little excessive.

But it’s not just meat.

Even guys who eat the highest levels of plant protein face a 17 percent higher risk of heart failure.

So much for that bean-burger substitute!

The good news?

The risks in the study aren’t from protein alone. You won’t eat a steak and suffer heart failure there at the table.

It’s all from eating too much of those proteins.

Keep it moderate or occasional and as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and you really won’t have to worry.

But for maximum taste and no risk at all, there’s one delicious protein you can put at the heart of your diet: fish!

The study finds NO RISK at all from seafood. It also found no risk from eggs.

The study didn’t separate chicken and turkey from other forms of meat, but my guess is that those would be healthy options as well (especially skinless white meat).

Sounds to me like breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all taken care of, and you can get the proteins you love without the risks.