Sleep struggles common in older Americans

Is THIS the real cause of your sleep struggles?

Can’t sleep?

You’ve got plenty of company!

America is suffering from a nationwide sleep disorder of epidemic proportions. From coast to coast, we’re getting less sleep than ever, and the latest research shows how there’s one part of the population that’s more bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived than everyone else.

If you’re a little older… if you’re in your 60s, 70s, 80s or beyond… odds are you’re NOT getting the shuteye you need each night.

Yale University researchers say that 43 percent of older Americans struggle to get the right amount of rest.

It’s not that they WANT to miss out on sleep. It’s that they just CAN’T get it no matter how hard they try.

In some cases, it’s because of a mood disorder, with depression increasing the risk of sleep problems by more than eight times.

The study also finds that restless leg syndrome can more than double the risk of insomnia.

The good news is that these conditions often have simple cures. In fact, in some cases, all three problems – insomnia, depression, and restless leg syndrome – have the SAME simple cure!

They could be a sign of a deficiency in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12.

That’s not always the cause, of course. In some cases, it might be just one of several reasons for the problem.

But a quality B complex can often lead to real improvements or even a cure for depression, sleep struggles, and restless leg.

Other nutrients — including vitamin D and magnesium — can also play a role in these conditions as well, so a doctor who can diagnose nutritional deficiencies can help you figure out which nutrients you need and how to get them.

If there’s an upside to the new study, it’s that despite the widespread sleep problems faced by millions of older Americans, many say that they’re not suffering from major day-to-day issues because of it.

Most of the folks with insomnia described it as “mild.”

But why live with even mild insomnia when you don’t have to?

Even if your sleep problems aren’t the result of conditions such as depression or restless leg, there’s usually a reason – and it’s one that can be found and fixed.

Sleep problems are sometimes a result of bad habits, like too much nighttime TV. But in older folks, it’s often either a drug side effect, a hormonal imbalance, or a nutritional issue.

A holistic medical doctor can test you for the possible causes and begin treatment so you can get the rest you need tonight and every night.

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