Could your heart fail… from BREATHING?

It’s one of the deadliest conditions you could have – and unfortunately, it’s all too common.

Nearly 1 in 10 American deaths involve heart failure. And with some 6 million others battling the condition right now, more are joining them every day.

You can work your tail off to avoid this disease (as you should), but new research reveals how you could STILL get it anyway.

You’re being undermined -- right now -- and it’s because of something happening right under your nose!

Common air pollutants could set the stage for the damage in the heart that leads to all sorts of trouble, up to and including heart failure.

We’re not talking about the levels you’d see in India or China.

We’re not even talking about the amounts of pollution just up the coast from me in infamously smoggy Los Angeles.

Even very low levels of pollution -- levels you could be exposed to right now -- can trigger the damage.

The new study focused on two forms of common pollution: nitrogen oxide (a.k.a. NO2) and particulate matter 2.5 (a.k.a. PM2.5).

When you inhale this stuff – and we all do – you could suffer very small amounts of damage in your vital organs, especially the heart. In the new study, even low levels of exposure caused the ventricles of the heart to swell.

Not a lot, mind you.

Just a little bit.

But these heart chambers aren’t meant to swell at all.

Even a very small change in the chamber size can put you on the path toward heart failure, with some of the people in the study showing the signs of being in the “pre-clinical” stages of the disease.

Ready for the TRULY scary part?

The amount of PM2.5 that triggered these changes was well BELOW what the EPA considers to be “safe.” Ditto for NO2.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to live in Smog City to hit these levels. In fact, most of the people in the study who had the exposure… and suffered the damage… didn’t live in big cities at all.

That means there’s at least some chance that you’re being exposed to toxic particles – and in amounts higher than your heart can handle.

Along with heart failure, these same pollutants have been linked to everything from heart disease to neurodegenerative disorders.

To protect yourself, you don’t have to wear a moon suit with your own air supply.

Just get an air purifier with a HEPA filter to help remove the particles from your indoor air.

Dust and vacuum regularly – and wear a surgical mask when you do – and you can minimize the exposure and the risk and enjoy cleaner air at the same time.