Wake up, sleepyhead… and heed this latest warning

Too much sleep? Doesn’t seem possible!

When most folks think of a “sleep disorder,” the first thing that comes to mind is staring at the ceiling for hours every night, struggling to get some rest.

But bleary-eyed mornings and coffee, coffee, coffee aren’t the only signs of a sleep problem.

Sleeping too much is JUST as dangerous as missing out.

And in some cases, it can be deadly.

New research finds that people who snooze nine or more hours a night are 30 percent more likely to drop dead than folks who get a more typical seven hours.

Sleep more than nine hours?

The risk climbs even higher!

Sleep 10 hours a night or more, and your risk of death from stroke will jump by 56 percent, while your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease shoots up by 49 percent.

I know this sounds unlikely.

Sleep is supposed to be RESTFUL. It’s supposed to help your body heal and rejuvenate.

And good sleep is essential to the immune system, heart function, brain health, and more.

But here’s a case where it’s possible to have “too much of a good thing,” because this isn’t the only study to find a link.

Just a few years back, researchers found that sleeping nine or more hours a night can lead to stiffer arteries. Even more alarming, those arteries can have up to 70 percent more calcification than what we see in folks who get around seven hours a night.

There’s the risk. Let’s get to work on finding the cause and fixing it.

In some cases, too much sleep is a side effect of medication. In others, it can be a warning sign of another health condition -- immune system problems, hormone issues, and more.

The most common cause of this body-sapping fatigue is a condition that also happens to be increasingly common and badly underdiagnosed: worn-out adrenal glands.

Your adrenals are responsible for pumping out stress hormones -- but in today’s crazy world, they can end up cranking out so much that they eventually burn out.

Adrenal fatigue leads to the life-sapping exhaustion that sends you to bed for eight… 10… 12 hours or more.

But it can also hurt you in other ways. It can damage your immune system -- exposing you to infection, illness, and chronic disease.

A good adrenal support formula built around rhodiola and ashwagandha can often help you get back to feeling like yourself again. If that doesn’t do the trick, work with a holistic medical doctor who can run complete tests to figure out why you’re so tired… and then get to work on fixing it.

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