What EVERY stroke survivor needs ASAP

It’s one thing to survive a stroke. It’s quite another to come out the other side without missing a step.

Even when the stroke doesn’t KILL you, it could WRECK you.

The damage left behind by stoke is one of the leading causes of disability in seniors. It can stop you from getting out, keeping active, and doing the things you love.

But not YOU!

New research reveals a safe and natural way to recover faster and get back to normal activities.

What you need is vitamin D.

In patients with low D levels, vitamin shots led to improvements in balance and helped people return to their pre-stroke activity levels.

That’s a BIG win for a safe and natural therapy.

But believe it or not, the real benefits may be even bigger, because there’s a huge flaw in the study – and it’s one I believe could actually HIDE the true wonders of vitamin D in stroke recovery.

Like many studies on D, the patients weren’t given daily supplement.

They were given a single massive injection, supposedly three months of vitamin D in one 300,000 IU shot.

Since the inactive form of D has a half-life of 15 days in the body, that would SEEM like enough to keep levels high for the duration of the study.

But that may not always be the case.

Your body converts the inactive form to the active form as needed, and that active form only has a half-life of 15 hours. Since these patients all had low D levels at the start of the study, it’s a safe bet that more of it was converted to the active form early on.

That would mean much lower levels of the inactive form early on – and by the end of the study, these folks could’ve been right back to square one, suffering from low vitamin D levels all over again.

There are cases where a mega-dose shot might be needed… but in many cases, it’s better to get daily doses of D instead.

Don’t stop with D.

A study earlier this year found that gingko can protect nerve cells after a stroke, leading to a quicker and faster recovery. Over six months, folks who took gingko after a stroke had improvements in executive function, neurological function, and memory -- as well as a better overall quality of life.

Since gingko thins the blood and many stroke survivors are on blood thinners, be sure to talk to your doctor before taking it.

And don’t forget the single best way to prevent a stroke: Stick to the Mediterranean diet, which is proven to cut your risk of having one in half.

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