Frightening new drug recall could impact millions

There’s a terrifying new warning out for the millions of Americans who suffer from thyroid problems.

Thyroid patients are being URGED to return two common medications, as Westminster Pharmaceuticals has recalled EVERY unexpired batch of levothyroxine and liothyronine.

The reason?

It’s frighteningly non-specific.

The FDA says that it found “substandard” current good manufacturing practices during an inspection of the plant where the drug is made.

And that, it says, could lead to “risk.”

Would it surprise you to learn that these “substandard” practices were found at a plant in China?

Of course not!

That’s where this drug is coming from: the Sichuan Friendly Pharmaceutical Co., which is not so friendly to American patients if a recent FDA inspection report is any indication.

A letter sent to the company earlier this summer details a host of problems, including documents on how they clean the equipment where the drugs – YOUR drugs – are made.

The letter details at least four major points where the agency found problems in the manufacturing process.

Naturally, the powers-that-be issued two sets of badly conflicting orders.

Order #1 is that this drug is recalled, and you need to return it and replace it ASAP. There are no reports of illnesses – yet – but pulling every single current batch should tell you all you need to know.

It’s not a move they make for the fun of it.

Order #2 is… ready for it?... before you return it, KEEP TAKING IT!

Now, I’m not going to say STOP taking it, of course.

But while this news is frightening for thyroid patients on these drugs, it’s also a perfect chance to consider switching to something safer… better… and even more effective.

And more importantly, it’s something NOT made at a potentially problematic plant in China!

It is notoriously difficult to maintain thyroid hormone balance with these synthetic drugs even in the best of conditions, as they contain only thyroxine, a.k.a. T4.

Your body has to convert T4 into its active form, T3, in order for you to use it, which can be a challenge for many people, especially cancer survivors. Your levels fall out of whack, and you feel like garbage.

A natural treatment called Armour, which is made from pig thyroid glands, contains both T3 and T4 (as well as T1 and T2). Your body gets ALL of the forms it needs and has to do less work to use them.

Obviously, don’t quit your meds or make this switch on your own, but work with your doctor -- ideally a holistic physician with experience in natural thyroid care -- to see if you can use this safer therapy instead of a suspicious drug under recall.