Explosive report links popular meds to DEMENTIA!

It’s the SECRET drug crisis -- one the mainstream KNOWS is there.

But it REFUSES to acknowledge it!

There’s a DARK SIDE to benzodiazepines and the related Z-drugs that 1 in 12 seniors take.

They’re SUPPOSED to help with everything from sleep to anxiety. But even when they WORK… even when they calm you down or help you snooze… they can SCRAMBLE the circuits and FRY your gray matter.

And now, new research finds that letting these chemicals loose in your brain can CAUSE dementia!

The new study claims that the risk is “modest.” But don’t be too reassured by that.

A study a few years back found that using benzos for as little as three months can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s by 51 percent, while taking them for six months or more will cause your risk to jump by 80 percent.

That’s not modest at all.

You take a drug to help you sleep, and instead, you find yourself in a waking nightmare, facing a disease with no cure or effective treatment.

Could this be why more people than ever are getting Alzheimer’s… and DYING from it, too?

Last year, the CDC said that the death rate from Alzheimer’s disease jumped by 55 percent over the previous 15 years.

Some “experts” have blamed longer lives, but life expectancy in the United States has more or less stalled, increasing by just two years since 1999.

That means that the REAL cause is something else – and the new study helps nail it down.

It’s not just age in many cases.

It’s medications such as benzodiazepines and Z-drugs.

Even when they don’t cause outright Alzheimer’s disease, they can lead to other forms of cognitive struggles, including memory loss.

But what really makes this so unacceptable isn’t just the risk.

It’s that most people never needed the drugs in the first place!

They don’t cure or treat any disease or illness. They don’t save lives from infection or protect from heart attack or stop a stroke.

They “treat” conditions that almost always have better, safer answers.

Sleep and anxiety problems can have any number of triggers, but they are most commonly some combination of nutritional, hormonal, and/or lifestyle problems.

Herbal remedies and homeopathic medicine can often help safely, but the best treatment will depend on nailing down that cause and fixing it.

A holistic medical doctor can run some tests to figure it all out and get you back to feeling like yourself again -- without the use of these dangerous drugs.