Is LDL more dangerous than you’ve thought?

Hear that drumbeat? The mainstream is banging away at the cholesterol drum yet again – and this time, it has a study designed to panic you into dancing to the beat.

It says that even if you’re healthy… even if you have NO other risk factors for heart problems… and even if you’re slim, trim, and full of vim… a bump in your LDL won’t just hurt you.

It could KILL you!

You couldn’t come up with a better sales pitch for cholesterol-lowering drugs if you tried.

And sure enough, the authors of this study have ties to Merck, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Eisai, Sanofi-Aventis, and Amgen.

This badly conflicted report tracked folks from when they were in their 30s and 40s up until their 60s and 70s.

Over that time, the folks with “high” cholesterol were up to 90 percent more likely to die of cardiovascular disease when compared to people with low cholesterol.

But what does this study REALLY tell us?


This study is practically meaningless for an older person who has seen cholesterol levels slowly rise over the years… because that’s NOT what it looked at.

It looked at folks with very high LDL – more than 160 mg/dL – from the beginning. They had those levels starting in their 30s… and maintained them for decades.

Clearly, if your cholesterol is shooting up decades before your first gray hair, there’s something else going on.

And just as clearly, you’re not the typical American patient, either. The CDC says that the average adult now has an LDL level of 111 mg/dL.

But this isn’t about these inconvenient truths.

This is about the headlines generated by the study, like “'Bad' cholesterol can be deadly in otherwise healthy people” (UPI) and “Moderate 'bad cholesterol' levels tied to early death for healthy people” (Reuters).

People won’t know all those details. They won’t even see the other “hidden” fact from the study: More than 95 percent of the people who took part in it DIDN’T die of heart problems, regardless of their cholesterol levels!

Instead, they’ll see the media hype and panic into thinking that maybe they should take those cholesterol meds after all.


If your LDL is rising, work with a doctor who can not only figure out why… but also look at other more important cholesterol risk factors, such as particle size and oxidation.

If you do need to bring your numbers down or reduce oxidation, you still don’t need a drug. An extract from apples called annurca can cut LDL, while a potent antioxidant called hydroxy-3 is proven to stop the damaging free radicals and prevent cholesterol from oxidizing.

Those will give you REAL protection, WITHOUT needing meds.