Is your ‘cancer’ NOT ACTUALLY cancer?

It’s a FACT at this point: MILLIONS of Americans are living with the devastating long-term side effects of cancers that never even needed treatment.

And it’s not getting much better.

But now, the mainstream claims that it’s figured out the problem.

It’s not the unscrupulous docs who are STILL using cancer fear to manipulate frightened patients into getting life-altering drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemo for tumors that should be LEFT ALONE.


It’s YOU!

Patients just plain panic when they hear the “C word.” Imagine that!

And if docs could just remove that anxiety-inducing name, maybe so many patients wouldn’t rush to remove the “cancer.”

Right out of the gate, a new study is singling out three diagnoses for renaming.

The first is intrathyroidal papillary thyroid cancers that measure less than a centimeter, which would lose the “C word” in hopes that fewer people would get treated.

Can’t argue with that -- a study two years ago found that up to 80 percent of thyroid cancers in women don’t need treatment, but many have the thyroid removed anyway.

And that means a lifetime of medication to replicate the lost hormones your body will never again make on its own.

Second is “intermediate-grade ductal carcinoma in situ,” a.k.a. “stage zero breast cancer.” The “stage zero” part alone should tell you that it’s not a real cancer – yet, again, many women are put through the trauma of treatment anyway.

And third, removing that dreaded “C word” from localized prostate cancer with a total Gleason score of 6 or less (which indicates that it’s slow-moving) would hopefully also stop over-treatment.

OF COURSE we need to cut back on unnecessary treatments. That’s a GOOD goal.

But the mainstream could change the name to “Friendly Body Lump” and it wouldn’t matter a bit -- because the problem isn’t the name.

It’s the DOCTORS.

Until they get an attitude adjustment… until they’re FORCED to treat cancer patients with respect and dignity and not as walking insurance checks… not much will change.

And for that reason, every single cancer patient needs to take ONE STEP before choosing a treatment.

Get on the horn, make some calls, and hear a second or third opinion so you can get all possible perspectives on your tumor.

And no matter who you speak to, make sure that you always ask one critical question: What happens if I choose no treatment at all?

You’d be surprised at how often the answer might be “nothing,” even if the doctor hems and haws before getting there. (After all, as consumer health advocate Mike Adams reveals in episode 1 of my Beyond Chemo video series, the money-grubbing cancer industry WANTS you coming back and paying for more and more unnecessary treatments.)

But if you absolutely DO need treatment, ask about the least invasive option – and always speak to a holistic doctor about natural therapies that can limit the side effects and reduce the toxicity of mainstream cancer care.

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