Is your gout pain a warning of something WORSE?

You’re no cream puff. I bet you’re pretty tough – and you’re certainly not the type to gripe over a little pain.

And because you’re so tough, sometimes you don’t want to seek help for pain even when you need it.

“I can handle it!”

Well, friend, some kinds of pain NEED to be taken care of… even if you THINK you can handle it.Take gout pain, for example. It’s some of the worst agony imaginable, like being stabbed in the toe from the inside.

You NEED help -- and not just because you want to be comfortable on your feet.

New research reveals how that extra pain carries some extra-extra risks, including a few nasty dangers your own doctor won’t warn you about.

And if you’re prone to gout yourself… if you know that stabbing, burning agony in your toe all too well… you could ultimately face something a whole lot worse than pain.

You could suffer a heart attack or stroke!

The new study finds that gout will increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and death from heart disease by 15 percent.

Even worse, it can double your risk of death from heart failure.

This might not seem to make sense. Why would some toe pain lead to heart and stroke risk?

Even if the pain is bad – and let’s face it, gout pain can be absolutely brutal – it’s still stuck there in the toe, right?

Not so much.

Gout is a form of arthritis, and like other forms of the disease, it’s marked by inflammation. In this case, some pretty severe inflammation.

Inflammation is often a reaction that takes place THROUGHOUT the body. While you can FEEL it and sometimes even SEE it in the toe, that same inflammation is taking place all over.

And it can have a crushing effect on your vital organs, including your heart.

The more inflammation you have, the bigger the risks climb… until you get what we see in the new study.

If you’re prone to gout, you can prevent painful flare-ups and the risks that come along with them by carefully watching your diet for the purines that trigger the condition.

Restrict or avoid cheeses and certain meats, especially red meats and organ meats. As well, watch out for seafood including anchovies, sardines, and herring.

Want to cut the risk even further? A daily cup of cherry juice will slash the odds of an attack by more than a third, while boosting your vitamin C intake can cut it in half.

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