Mainstream accidentally admits that this popular therapy DOESN’T work!

It’s not often that you’ll hear any GOOD news about a drug come from the mainstream.

But we might finally have some today!

No, it’s not a drug that actually works as promised and helps save -- or at least improve -- lives with little risk.

That’s still a little too much to ask for.

This is almost as good, though, as the medical mainstream now admits that a dangerous treatment it’s foisted upon millions – one with far more risks than benefits – was a deadly mistake.

And with a little luck, it just might encourage people to get OFF of it!

The treatment is aspirin, and some TV “experts” still claim that absolutely everyone needs to take it every day – starting at middle age -- to cut the risk of heart attack and stroke.

They push it for “primary prevention,” avoiding a first heart attack or stroke.

It’s essentially the holy grail of modern medicine: If you can dodge a FIRST heart attack, then you can save yourself from ALL of the risks that come after.

Well, friend, there are some ways you can cut the risk of a heart attack.

But popping those white tablets like they’re Tic Tacs isn’t one of them -- and the new study PROVES it once and for all!

This report looked at two key groups of patients.

The first consisted of “moderate-risk” patients who had some issues, such as high blood pressure or tobacco use, but were otherwise healthy.

In these folks, the aspirin DIDN’T beat a placebo in cutting the risk of heart attack or stroke.

The second group had an even bigger risk factor: diabetes.

Once again, aspirin flunked.

In exchange for the smallest of benefits, the folks who took aspirin had DOUBLE the risk of internal bleeding -- including stomach and/or intestinal bleeding -- as well as other side effects, including nosebleeds, indigestion, reflux, and stomachaches.

Aspirin flunked in at least one other way, too.

Lately, aspirin has been getting new attention as a way to cut cancer risk -- but this study found ZERO cancer benefit.

And that means ZERO reason to take it!

The key with aspirin therapy is not to start. If you’ve started already, the second key might surprise you.


Aspirin has a notorious “rebound” effect that could lead to serious problems – including a blood clot – if you’ve been taking it daily and try to quit suddenly.

That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck on it forever.

But it DOES mean that you have to work closely with a doctor who can help wean you safely off the drug.

Ideally, he’ll also start you on better natural therapies for your heart, including fish oil and coenzyme Q10.