Not on this diabetes drug yet? They’re coming for you!

Imagine a drug so successful that it sells about $1 million worth EVERY HOUR.

Now imagine being so greedy that it’s not enough for you!

That’s the story right now behind liraglutide, a.k.a. Victoza, one of the best-selling diabetes meds on the planet.

This isn’t a GOOD drug. And it’s certainly not a SAFE one, either, as you’ll see in a minute.

But clearly, it’s a POPULAR one -- and now, there’s a new push to boost those incredible sales even higher.

Researchers claim that if you’re not taking this drug for blood sugar control now, you’re missing out. They say that their study finds that it not only brings those levels right where they need to be, but it can do something else.

It can SAVE YOUR LIFE, they say.

They want you to believe that this med will cut your risk of death by heart attack… as well as your risk of nonfatal heart attack and stroke.

I know that sounds tempting.

And hey, if millions of people are taking it, you might think that maybe it’s time to join the herd.


This drug has been dogged by safety concerns for years. The consumer advocacy group Public Citizen even petitioned the FDA to ban it over concerns related to thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, serious allergic reactions, and kidney failure.

The organization said that 200 people reported acute pancreatitis in the 17 months after it was approved… and about 10 times more may have suffered and never linked it to the drug.


Instead of being banned, it’s now selling far better than any other diabetes med -- and if the researchers get to the few folks who haven’t started up on it yet, the numbers can only grow from there.

Don’t be one of them.

There are far better ways to control blood sugar and protect your heart at the same time. Basic lifestyle changes and other natural therapies are so effective that you can reduce and even eliminate drugs over time – but only if you work closely with a holistic medical doctor.

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