The “apple-a-day” secret to PERFECT cholesterol

There’s an old cliché about “an apple a day.” You know how it goes.

But new research finds more than a little truth in this one.

Because a “secret” compound locked inside one very specific – and very rare – kind of apple may do more than just keep the doctor away.

It could keep your cardiologist at bay, too!

According to the study, an extract of polyphenols from Annurca apples (famously flavorful, aromatic apples grown in the Mediterranean) can help you control your cholesterol – and it does it in a special way.

It doesn’t just attack LDL and blindly lower your levels, which can cause more problems than benefits.

Instead, it keeps the cholesterol moving through your body so it can be absorbed into your intestine and chased out as waste.

Yes, it goes in one end and out the other on its own… just about the most natural process you can imagine!

The key is in cutting the solubility of LDL cholesterol.

In a lab dish experiment, researchers found that the extract can reduce solubility by 86 percent.

That certainly sounds like a good thing… except we know that what happens in the lab doesn’t always happen in the body.

So, the researchers tested the extract head-to-head against a placebo in human volunteers.

And sure enough, something very similar happened.

The Annurca extract helped cut the solubility of the cholesterol.

And not just a little, either.

Tests on the humans’ feces (pity the poor lab assistant!) found that the levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol that had been expelled jumped by more than a third in folks given the Annurca supplements.

And that’s not all this compound can do.

While most folks – and even many doctors – have never heard of Annurca, it’s quietly developing a reputation as a cholesterol-fighting powerhouse.

Because while it REDUCES your levels of “bad” LDL, studies show that it can also BOOST your levels of HDL, a.k.a. the “good” stuff.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, this compound doesn’t show up in every apple. It’s found in a unique type that’s grown mostly in Italy.

But you don’t need to book a “Roman Holiday” to get your hands on one.

And you don’t have to import them by the bushel, either.

While the extract tested in the study was part of a new process, the same basic compound is found in other high-quality formulas for cholesterol control and heart protection.

Stick with one from a maker you trust.