This dynamic duo gives your heart a second chance!

Everyone loves a do-over, right?

Sometimes, it’s easy -- like when your buddies let you rescue the golf ball after a lousy drive.

Other times, not so much. There’s no undoing a traffic accident (or the bills that follow).

You’d think your HEALTH would fall into that second category, especially if you’re a little older and already facing heart risk and other problems.

But today, I’ve got just the do-over you’re looking for.

There’s a way to RESET your health – especially your heart risk – and it’s almost as easy as taking a mulligan on the golf course!

New research shows how two of the very same nutrients I’ve recommended to my own patients can work wonders for protecting seniors from serious heart problems.

And even if you’re not exactly good about taking your vitamins… even if you’re on them for a little while and then stop… you could reap the benefits for YEARS to come!

The key is coenzyme Q10 and the trace mineral selenium.

In the new study, this duo cut the risk of death from heart problems by a whopping 40 percent… and that’s not even the most stunning part.

That part of the study had been done YEARS ago -- a dozen years ago, to be exact.

Patients were given either the supplements or a placebo over the course of four years. Those who got the supplements had a lower risk of death.

The study ended – a wild success by any measure – and everyone went their separate ways.

Until now.

The researchers checked back in on those folks to see what was up – and it turned out that the folks who got the supplement all those years ago STILL had that lower death risk… despite no longer taking the supplements!

The researchers believe that this is a sign that four years of CoQ10 and selenium may have caused PERMANENT CHANGES inside their bodies.

It worked best in patients who needed help the most -- folks with chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and even severe cardiac impairment.

In other words, the folks who took it got a mulligan.

It was a do-over… a reset… a second chance at good health. And it came just in the nick of time, too, since the folks in the study were in their 70s and 80s.

And despite being older and taking the supplements so many years earlier, the study finds that the benefits actually got BIGGER as the patients got OLDER!

Many multivitamins now contain selenium. If yours doesn’t, it may be time to shop around for a new one.

Few contain CoQ10, so you may have to seek that one out separately.

It can be a little more expensive than some of your other vitamins, but as the new study shows, it’s worth every penny.