URGENT: FDA warns of horrifying new diabetes drug side effect

It’s the diabetes drug that promises to turn back the clock.

But it won’t reverse the disease… or even take you back to a time when it wasn’t quite so bad.

There’s an entire class of medication bringing back some of the WORST risks of diabetes -- including terrifying once-common complications that HAD been fading away.

Yes, gangrene and amputations are back.

It’s like a return to the Dark Ages of diabetes care!

A new warning straight from the FDA itself finds that the extremely popular SGLT2 inhibitors used for blood sugar control can trigger a devastating, painful, and potentially deadly form of gangrene.

Gangrene is when infection and/or loss of blood to part of your body causes that area to literally die right on you.

By definition, it’s horrifying no matter where it strikes.

But this one’s worse -- MUCH worse. The form of gangrene in the FDA warning doesn’t just strike any random body part.

It hits you in your most intimate of places: your genitals.

The FDA has documented at least a dozen cases of this form of gangrene linked to SGLT2 inhibitors over the past five years. Every patient was hospitalized and needed surgery, and one died.

To put that number in perspective, the agency has linked only five cases to EVERY OTHER diabetes drug combined over three decades.

And bear in mind that those are only the cases where the FDA was notified. Most drug risks and side effects are never reported.

By most estimates, the real-world numbers can be up to 10 times higher than what the FDA is typically able to document.

If you’re taking a SGLT2 inhibitor (including popular meds such as Invokana and its variations, as well as Jardiance and Farxiga), watch for any redness or swelling “down there” around your groin and rear -- especially if there’s a fever along with it.

If it happens, don’t “wait and see”… and don’t start calling around and leaving messages for doctors. Get your tail to the ER – because this form of gangrene can worsen in a matter of hours.

But don’t stop there.

These drugs have been linked to other terrible side effects -- including those amputations I mentioned earlier -- so get in touch with your doctor and see if you have other options.

And don’t forget the best option of all: Get your blood sugar under control naturally so you can cut back on meds and maybe even eliminate them (with your doctor’s approval, of course).

For best results, visit a holistic medical doctor who can guide you through the process to help you stop and even reverse this disease.

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