The TRUE toll of breast cancer treatment for older women

It’s every woman’s nightmare -- four words you NEVER want to hear.

“You have breast cancer.”

For most women, they mark entry into a world of painful surgery and toxic treatments, including sickening meds, chemo, and radiation.

But new research exposes the ugly truth about some of those treatments.

They won’t always make your life better.

They could make it WORSE!

If you’re older and sicker to start with, those cancer treatments could actually RUIN whatever time you have left on Earth.

And that’s not the only risk.

There’s something worse: Many of these cancers will never hurt you, especially in older patients.

But those treatments? They could actually KILL you!

Two new studies look at what’s happened to older women in the rush for “early diagnosis” and “early treatment.”

What they find isn’t a world full of grateful patients happy that doctors “caught” and “cured” their breast cancer as they thrived for decades into their golden years.

These studies expose a trail of shattered lives… real women who’ve been left ruined or even killed by their so-called medical “care.”

One study finds that up to 8 percent of older nursing home residents – nearly 1 in 12 – died in the month after the treatment that was supposed to save them.

Those who survived that month weren’t out of the woods. Up to 40 percent of them were dead within a year.

And even those who survived the experience weren’t living better and healthier lives. Up to 60 percent were sent into a spiral of decline, rapidly losing the ability to carry out daily tasks and even care for themselves.

The second study looked specifically at women in their 70s given adjuvant chemotherapy, which is when chemo is tacked onto another treatment, such as a lumpectomy.

Over the following year, 42 percent battled functional decline. While nearly half of those patients eventually made a full recovery, the other half didn’t… and a third of them plunged into “persistent, substantial functional decline.”

Together, these studies show the utter madness of a system where nearly everyone is pushed into treatment without considering all of the other factors at work, including your age, your overall health, and the stage of your cancer.

For older women, early-stage breast cancer may not need to be treated at all – and when it does, many women will do fine with the bare minimum, such as a simple lumpectomy with no chemo.

Talk to your doctor. Get all of your options. And always get a second opinion.

God bless,

Dr. Mark Stengler