EXPOSED: The biggest myth about today’s most common drug!

Statins for everyone? Not so fast!

I’ve never bought the statin myth. Even when these awful drugs “work”… and cut LDL levels as promised… they won’t always cut your RISKS.

Now, new research exposes the truth about statins.

If you’re a little older and already healthy, they won’t add so much as a single second to your life.

And they certainly won’t cut your heart risks.

These drugs should be sued for false advertising!

A new study of some 47,000 people finds that these drugs hit the trifecta of “don’ts” in healthy folks over the age of 75.

They DON’T cut your risk of heart disease… they DON’T cut your risk of stroke… and they DON’T cut your risk of death.

The study does claim that older diabetics will get some benefit. If you’ve got diabetes and are a little up there in years, taking a statin will supposedly cut your risk of heart disease by 24 percent and death by 16 percent.

Sounds good, right?

But even if you have diabetes, don’t be so quick to swallow a statin.

First, the study finds that those benefits fade as you get older, and they vanish somewhere between the ages of 85 and 90.

And second, even when the numbers look so temptingly good, they don’t take the very real risk of side effects into account.

Even if they work as advertised… and cut your heart risk a little… what good is that lower risk if you’re suffering from crippling muscle pain?

What good is it if you’re struggling with the devasting toll of cognitive problems?

These are both not only very real statin side effects, but they’re incredibly common ones.

And of course, the meds can CAUSE diabetes.

That’s a terrible irony for you. The very drugs you’re supposed to take to protect you when you have diabetes may have actually caused the disease in the first place!

Here’s the real deal with these meds: Don’t touch them.

Even if you DO need help with cholesterol control, statins are the absolute worst way to go about it.

Safer options including red yeast rice, which can lower LDL without the risks -- but even that old natural standard may not always be your best choice.

The real risks from cholesterol aren’t from the LDL itself… but other factors such as oxidation. Stop the oxidation, and you can cut those risks.

The best way to do that isn’t by blindly lowering LDL with a drug.

It’s with proven antioxidants such as Hydroxy-3, which can stop the damaging free radicals behind LDL oxidation.