Cure high BP by breathing the right kind of air

Can cutting your blood pressure be as simple as breathing?

You bet it can!

Don’t worry. I’m not about to plug meditation, yoga, “breathing exercises,” or any of that other stuff.

Sure, some of it can be helpful to some people.

But the quick trick I’m about to reveal today is even easier – and short of plugging an appliance in and turning it on, it takes no time or effort at all.

New research reveals how eliminating toxins from the air inside your home or apartment can have a real and measurable impact on your blood pressure.

All you need to get that benefit yourself is a simple air purifier. I’ll let you know exactly what kind and where to get it in a moment.

As I’ve shared with you here in House Calls, the air around you can be loaded with invisible toxins, including pollutants that linger inside your body and trigger free-radical damage and other problems.

They’ve been linked to cancer… Alzheimer’s… heart damage… and more.

One study earlier this year found that the PM2.5 particles floating in the air all over the country – especially in and around cities – can cause enough swelling in the chambers of the heart to increase your risk of heart failure.

But the new study shows how simple it is to reverse at least some of that damage in a way that your own doctor will be able to see, test, and measure.

Just don’t expect to hear this advice from him.

Volunteers in Detroit were given either a phony air filter that did nothing, a standard air filter, or a better unit with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter.

The folks who got the real filters cut their exposure to PM2.5 dramatically.

The standard air filter cut PM2.5 exposure by nearly a third, while the HEPA filter slashed it by more than half.

That led to real changes in blood pressure, with the systolic (“top number”) reading dropping by about 4 points.

It may not sound like much, but that’s actually pretty good. ACE inhibitors, for example, generally cut that number by around 6 to 9 points.

That means that ANY air filter can almost match the benefit of drugs in some folks, without you swallowing a single pill or suffering through the side effects.

You can buy a decent one that will trap the tiniest of particles online or in any big-box retail store.

Want an even bigger benefit?

Take a B vitamin complex.

A study last year found that B vitamins cut the effect of pollution on heart rate by 150 percent and slash the damage caused by PM2.5 on the immune system, boosting both white blood and lymphocyte counts.

And for even more on beating high blood pressure, crack open this month’s Health Revelations and check out page 3!