PREVENT colon cancer with the catch of the day

I wish I knew who was doing public relations for the vegetarians.

Because those guys can spin absolutely ANYTHING into a win for that highly restrictive lifestyle.

The latest is no exception.

Big headlines claim that giving up all meat – including fish and poultry – can dramatically lower your risk of colorectal cancers.

And if you just look at the part they WANT you to see, it sure looks good for veg-heads.

But there’s something else that can make your risk drop INSTANTLY… something they’re HIDING because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

I’ll tell you what it is in just a moment.

First, the new study finds that following a strict vegetarian diet will cut your risk of colon cancer by 19 percent and your risk of rectal cancers by 29 percent.

That’s nothing to sneeze at when you consider that nearly 1,000 Americans die of these cancers every WEEK.

But c’mon already. Who can live that way? Who’d even want to?

For most of us, it’s close to impossible. And even if you HAVE the willpower to stay on this diet, you could struggle to get certain essential nutrients -- including minerals, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Not to mention protein!

And of course, you’ll miss out on many of the foods you LOVE and CRAVE.

That’s no way to live!

Fortunately, the study finds a far easier way to cut your risk of these deadly cancers even more dramatically.

You can go “meatless,” but don’t give into the vegetarian media blitz.

Just replace your TURF with SURF!

Going pescatarian… and eating plenty of seafood… cuts the risk of colorectal cancers by a stunning 43 percent.

How is that not the big headline out of this? (Like I said, the vegetarians must have ace publicists!)

And if we’re being completely honest, you don’t have to limit yourself to fish, either.

The REAL reason meat-based diets are so closely linked to cancer – especially colorectal cancer – isn’t the meat itself.

It’s PROCESSED meats.

So, get back to basics. Sure, cut back on meat. Eat more fish and poultry instead.

But if you want some red meat from time to time, go ahead and live a little… just stick to high-quality lean cuts cooked fresh yourself.

If this is starting to sound familiar, that’s because it’s pretty close to the science-backed Mediterranean diet you’ve heard me rave about.

And as I’ve promised, it’s a whole lot easier to follow than you’d expect.

Along with cutting your risk of cancer, this same diet can protect your heart and even prevent dementia.

All from a lifestyle where you DON’T have to give up most of the foods you love!

God bless,

Dr. Mark Stengler