Big Pharma gets some BAD news… and it’s GOOD for you!

It’s a SLAP in the FACE of the drug industry… and you’re not going to believe who delivered this incredible smackdown.

The most mainstream health organization of all!

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force just REFUSED to back the industry’s “latest and greatest” meds.

It’s REJECTED the diet drugs you’ve heard so much about.

Not just one… or two… or even a few of them.

The agency, which is an independent panel within the Department of Health and Human Services, gave the thumbs-down to ALL of them!

While the drugs CAN help some people lose A LITTLE more weight than diet alone, the benefit is so small, risks so big, and evidence so lacking that it’s “not comfortable” recommending them.

Of course, this is just what I’ve warned you of here in House Calls. While some people can lose a lot of weight on the meds, the average drop is often just a few pounds compared to control groups.

These drugs even fail on the most basic level of all: You don’t swallow them and then sit back and watch the pounds melt away.

You STILL have to go through all the work of a diet – usually one that’ll make you miserable – as you take the meds.

No one can follow these restrictive diets for the long haul. And no one can – or should – take these meds forever, either.

The end result?

The weight eventually comes back.

The USPSTF’s latest announcement isn’t a total victory. The agency is still pushing its own failed approach, insisting that intensive diet and exercise are the ONLY way to prevent obesity.

It’s doomed to fail.

Anyone can diet for a little while, but very few can make the dramatic long-term commitment that the USPSTF is hoping for.

The proof is all around you.

The USPSTF made a similar big announcement about those some diet-and-exercise guidelines back in 2012.

At that time, not a single U.S. state had an obesity rate of 35 percent.

Today, SEVEN states now have an obesity rate of 35 percent or higher, with 20 other states above 30 percent.

It’s absolute madness to think that the same approach that got us INTO this mess will get us back out of it.

I’m here to end the madness.

Sure, diet and exercise are great, and I would encourage everyone to eat better on a Mediterranean diet and get a little more movement.

But there’s more to it than that, including the SINGLE BIGGEST reason so many diets fail so quickly.

I’ll have more on that – and a simple solution – coming up later today.

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