REVEALED! Mainstream admits the TRUTH about cholesterol

You might notice a change next time you’re at the doctor’s office.

Your own doctor… even if he’s a mainstream physician… might start to sound a little more like me!

Finally, my time-tested wisdom on cholesterol – based on decades of science, not drug-company marketing propaganda – is starting to take hold in the mainstream.

Maybe soon, docs will even give you my secrets to PERFECT cholesterol control.

Don’t worry, you don’t actually to wait for them to come around on that. I’ll give you the full scoop in just a moment.

First, a major new study confirms three tenants of cholesterol that I’ve shared with you here in House Calls and Health Revelations… and that I tell patients in my clinic.

#1 LDL cholesterol ISN’T the risk factor it’s been made out to be.

#2 Obsessing over it WON’T cut your heart risk.

#3 Blindly lowering those levels could RUIN your health… and maybe even END your life!

The study of close to 1.3 million people BUSTS the notion that high LDL is somehow a sign of clogged-up arteries, increasing your risk of serious cardiovascular problems including heart attack.

The research team found almost NO link AT ALL between LDL and heart risk!

What’s more, cutting your cholesterol won’t cut your risk of heart disease… and so-called “HIGH” cholesterol won’t increase your risk of hardened arteries or even heart attack.

The study takes the myth-busting a step further, finding that lowering cholesterol doesn’t extend lives in the elderly.

In fact, folks with HIGHER levels of LDL actually live LONGER!

Finally, the study finds that folks with the lowest LDL levels have a higher risk of INFECTION and CANCER.

And that confirms what I’ve warned you about right here -- that cutting LDL levels can damage the immune system and increase your risk of cancer.

I’m sure some people will think the takeaway here is to forget all about cholesterol.

But it’s not quite that simple.

Cholesterol IS a risk factor – but not just LDL on its own. It’s what happens to those particles inside your body.

If they’re damaged by oxidation, they will clog up your arteries. And that’s true even if you have “low” LDL levels!

If they AREN’T damaged by oxidation, they’ll move through harmlessly… even if your levels are on the high side.

Instead of blindly cutting LDL with a drug, work instead to fight off the free radicals behind oxidative stress with nutrients and supplements such as age-defying Hydroxy-3.