What your doc WON’T tell you about rheumatoid

How’s this for madness?

New research proves that powerful drugs with sickening side effects DON’T work very well for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

And to the 1.3 million Americans suffering with this agonizing disease, the mainstream says… KEEP TAKING THEM!

But there’s a simple reason these meds don’t – and CAN’T– work, and I’ll let you in on it in just a moment.

What’s more, I’ll tell you what DOES work… and WHY.

First, a look at how the mainstream’s approach ruins the very lives it’s supposed to improve.

The new study started from the flawed premise that people don’t get relief because they don’t take their meds.

Presumably, if we could only get them to take their pills – ALL of their pills – they’d feel better.

That would make sense… IF the meds truly worked… WITHOUT making people literally sick.But the study proves how the meds DON’T work and CAN make you sick.

Researchers cooked up two different ways to get patients to take the drug methotrexate.

One involved counseling sessions with a pharmacist explaining why it’s so important to keep taking those pills even when they don’t seem to be working.

The other involved pesky text message reminders.

Both groups reached the “goal,” at least as far as the study was concerned: More people DID take their meds.

The patients who got the text message reminders improved the most… in terms of pill-taking.

They DIDN’T improve so much in terms of relief!

The changes in just about every measure you care about – including inflammation and disease progression and remission progression -- were NONEXISTENT to MINIMAL at best.

But that little detail didn’t stop the researchers, who thought that maybe the study was too short to prove that there would be a bigger benefit from better compliance.

Too short??? This thing ran for six months!

If you don’t get a benefit at half a year, when exactly should you expect one?

And along with only the slightest of benefits, the folks who took the meds put themselves at risk for a devasting series of side effects.

Methotrexate is one of the worst drugs in the pharmacy, linked to risks including everything from “minor” ones (such as coughing fits and diarrhea) to downright terrifying ones, such as sores on your mouth and lips, bloody urine, and fever.

The reason this drug doesn’t work is simple: It doesn’t attack the cause, which can differ from patient to patient.

It can be triggered, for example, by undiagnosed bacterial, fungal, or viral infections as well as untreated (and often untested) food sensitivities, just to name a few.

If you want REAL relief, you’ll need some REAL tests to figure out the true cause.

You won’t get that from a reminder to take your pills. But you will get it from an experienced holistic medical doctor.

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