Avoid the single leading cause of disability in America’s seniors

It’s a single moment in which you can lose everything that makes you who you are.

And it’s one of the leading causes of disability in America’s seniors, leaving some people struggling with everyday tasks.

After having a stroke, some even lose their freedom because they’re unable to walk, talk, and care for themselves.

But new research reveals one way to dramatically slash your risk of this frightening condition, especially in women.

And it’s so simple that the only tool you need is a fork.

It’s the easy-to-follow Mediterranean diet – the same healthy lifestyle I’ve been urging you to try for years now.

Once again, it’s been proven to dramatically cut your risk of stroke.

Women who stick to the plan are 22 percent less likely to suffer that potentially devastating stroke.

Guys get a much smaller benefit, at least according to these numbers. Going Mediterranean will “only” cut your risk by about 6 percent (I’ll still take it).

But bear in mind that this is just one study. Others have found an even bigger benefit, cutting the risk of stroke by nearly 50 percent in men and women alike.

I know “diet” sounds pretty traumatic. “Diets?!?!? I don’t do those!”

But trust me.

This one is so easy to follow that you might not even think you’re on a diet. In fact, I can give you THREE QUICK SWAPS right now that’ll make following this lifestyle a breeze.

SWAP #1: Beef for Fish. I’m not saying you need to give up beef. But make it an occasional treat… and in its place, get your fill of your favorite fish, especially healthy (and flavorful) seafood superstars such as salmon. Don’t like fish? Chicken and turkey – especially the white meat – are your next-best options.

SWAP #2: Potatoes for Salads. Give up the fries and baked potatoes and replace them with a salad bowl. But I don’t mean some wimpy plate of wilted greens. Load it up. Olives. Avocados. Crushed fresh garlic (keep a breath mint handy!). Top it with grilled eggplant, zucchini, and more… and these aren’t just side dishes. They’re full meals!

SWAP #3: Chips for Nuts. You know you shouldn’t be eating chips. But you’re hungry, right? Nuts are the perfect replacement… and they’re 100 percent allowed on a Mediterranean diet. Instead of empty carbs, you’ll get essential fats and minerals. And instead of a hunger-inducing blood-sugar spike, you’ll get quick satisfaction.

While you’re at it, give up processed foods and fast foods. This is the biggie, but you can do it. These are the single biggest obstacles most people face when following any lifestyle because – let’s face it – they’re so convenient.

Give up that junk, and you’ll be much healthier… and that’s true whether you follow the Mediterranean diet or not.