[Alert] Popular meds boost stroke risk 59%

It’s the SECRET stroke risk factor — hiding in plain sight!

We all know the risk factors for a stroke. At least, we THINK we know them. There’s high blood pressure, poor diet, obesity, and old age.

But the new study exposes what may be the biggest risk factor of all, potentially more dangerous than all of those factors put together.

And it’s something you could get from your own doctor!

That’s right. A medication you THINK you need to improve your health — something you might even take daily — could actually destroy your life and possibly end it.

New research finds that an entire class of medication — so common that you’ve almost certainly used one of them yourself — can not only boost your odds of a stroke, but also your risk of dying from one.

They’re called anticholinergic drugs, but don’t think you’re in the clear if that name isn’t familiar.

It’s not a word you’ll see too often on drug packages (not without a magnifying glass, anyway).

These drugs are given across the board for nearly every condition imaginable: colds, allergies, sleep, pain, mood problems, and more.

They include both prescription meds and over-the-counter drugs.

You almost certainly know some of the names: Benadryl, Seroquel, Valium, Imodium, Xanax, codeine, beta-blockers, and more all have some degree of anticholinergic activity.

The new study finds that taking these types of drugs can increase your risk of stroke by 59 percent.

That’s already frightening, especially when you consider how common these drugs are.

But they can also do something else that’s much worse.

They can not only increase the risk of having a stroke… but they can nearly DOUBLE your odds of DYING from one, boosting that risk by 86 percent, according to the study in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

The biggest risk is in people with a “high intake” of these drugs, which is generally folks who take two or three anticholinergic drugs or more. Given how common the drugs are, that no doubt includes hundreds of thousands — maybe even millions — of people.

And that’s hardly the only risk.

Other studies have linked a high intake of anticholinergic drugs to everything from dementia to death.

It’s a risk you don’t have to face. Nearly every single condition treated with these drugs has a better, safer solution.

If you have any of these common complaints treated with anticholinergic drugs — whether it’s allergies, bowel problems, high blood pressure, pain, or mood disorders — seek the wisdom of an experienced holistic medical doctor.

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