Could this DELICIOUS treat stop today’s WORST killers? 

Take two yogurts and call me in the morning?

I know that it sounds crazy, but it’s true: Just two servings of yogurt can make a MAJOR difference when it comes to your health.

And you don’t even have to eat it every day to get the benefits!

New research shows how just two servings per WEEK is all it takes to cut your risk of some of today’s top killers.

Here’s the best part: These benefits don’t go to healthy people who aren’t facing much risk to begin with.

The new study focused on REAL-WORLD outcomes in the very people who need help the most. It looked at older men and women with high blood pressure — who face a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, and more.

Most of these folks end up taking meds for their blood pressure.

Some of them take two or three meds or more.

But maybe all they need is some yogurt!

In women, the biggest benefit is in heart risk. Eating yogurt will cut your risk of a heart attack by 30 percent and slash the risk of revascularization by 16 percent.

Guys, those same two servings a day will cut your risk of a heart attack by a fifth.

And in men and women alike, eating yogurt can cut the risk of major coronary heart disease and/or stroke by 20 percent, according to the study in the American Journal of Hypertension.

If there were a drug that promised all that, it would be a best-seller — because NONE of the meds currently given out for hypertension can promise all of those benefits.

It’s just the opposite!

Many of those drugs work on paper only. They cut blood pressure — so, as far as your doctor is concerned, they do their job. And you think they work, because you can see your numbers coming down.

But studies show even when the meds cut BP, they don’t always deliver on a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. And thanks to side effects, including fall-inducing dizzy spells, these drugs often end up doing more harm than good.

You’re better off with natural blood pressure control treatments and a little yogurt.

The one thing to watch for here is the kind of yogurt you eat, since too many of them are loaded with sweeteners, coloring agents, preservatives, and a mess of other junk.

Stick to all-natural organic yogurts. Ideally, buy plain yogurt and then add your own ingredients at home — try fresh berries, crushed nuts and even some cinnamon and cocoa powder… all of which will give you extra benefits instead of just empty calories.