This breakthrough diet is cancer’s WORST enemy

It’s the cancer-fighting secret that EVERYONE will be talking about in the near future.

But today, I’m going to put you ahead of the curve.

I’ve got tomorrow’s news today — because I’ve got the scoop on the groundbreaking research behind a proven technique that attacks the hidden cause of many cancers.

This simple, easy-to-follow program will FIGHT the tumor at its root and CRUSH it.

This cutting-edge cancer cure isn’t a drug with side effects.

It’s not even a vitamin or supplement.

The secret is a natural diet designed to specifically SEEK and DESTORY the pathogenic fungal infections we now know are often the cause of so many cancers.

It’s called the Kaufmann diet, and it was developed by researcher and mycotoxin expert Doug Kaufmann. It’s specially designed to starve these infections so that the cancer cells die off — and it’s proven to work if you HAVE cancer, if you’re at RISK for cancer, or if you’re just concerned and want to make sure that you NEVER get this disease.

Kaufmann’s diet came about after he discovered striking similarities between cancer and fungi, including how they both thrive on sugars.

More importantly, they both DIE without those same sugars.

Of course, sugar isn’t just the white stuff in a porcelain bowl in your cupboard.

In addition to that sugar itself, carbs such as grains — including whole grains — are converted into sugars inside your body.

As a result, the first phase of the Kaufmann diet severely restricts sugars and carbs.

Alcohol is also forbidden. Not only is booze a top cause of the disease, but the sugars in alcohol can help feed the fungal infections at the root of these cancers.

You also need to avoid yeast, which will be less of a problem without bread and beer (but watch ingredients carefully — you’d be surprised how often they sneak it in), as well as fungi and mushrooms (for obvious reasons) and peanuts, which can contain fungal mycotoxins.

Patients are also given anti-fungal medications and/or supplements in this phase.

Without the sugars, the fungi behind many cancers in the body choke and die, killing tumors at the same time.

And that’s not all.

This phase also works in three other ways:

  1. It boosts your immune system so that your body is better equipped to fight cancer.
  2. It slashes your levels of the damaging inflammation that helps tumors to thrive.
  3. It protects your DNA from the damage of the fungal infection.

Once this phase is complete — and you’re feeling better than you have in years — dieters can slowly restore low levels of healthy carbohydrates.

For more on this powerful cancer-fighting regimen, visit Doug Kaufmann’s website,