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Think the flu is bad?

Well, there’s something out there that can be just as bad, if not worse.


The amount of misery and side effects they cause are STUNNING when you consider that there’s a far more effective cure.

Yes, you can CURE the flu – and you can do it without drugs – and the answer is so simple that the name alone will make you laugh when I share it with you in just a moment.

The latest mainstream “advance” in flu treatments, on the other hand, is no laughing matter.

It’s more like a step backward… or at least hopelessly running in place.

The mainstream is all excited about a new drug to “treat” the flu. Or rather, they’re thrilled about the potential profits they plan to reap off this new med.

They certainly can’t be excited about the science, because frankly there’s nothing in the research even remotely encouraging.

The best they can say about this up-and-coming drug is that it’s “as good as” Tamiflu.

When you consider that Tamiflu barely works and packs major side effects, that’s not exactly an endorsement.

In the latest study, patients given the new drug Baloxavir saw their symptoms ease up about a day sooner than folks given a placebo.

Patients given Tamiflu also saw their symptoms ease about a day sooner.

Sounds good? I bet it does. Even one less day of coughing, sore throat, fatigue, headache and muscle pain sounds like a win.

But these studies are often done in IDEAL circumstances: Patients who get the meds right away, at the first sign of flu.

Out in the real world, most people don’t even see a doctor until they’ve been sick for a few days, and studies show that if you wait that long to take the drugs they barely work at all.

Some studies show that in the real world, Tamiflu might ease symptoms by about half a day, if you’re lucky – and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that’s what happens with the new drug, too.

But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer when you get sick.

There’s something else out there: ELDERBERRY.

I told you it had a funny name!

An extract of elderberry and Echinacea has proven to be about as effective as Tamiflu, but without the risks. And unlike the drugs, which require a doctor’s visit and a prescription, you can get these two proven flu-fighters right now. You’ll have them on hand if you or someone in your home gets sick so you can take them right away for maximum benefits.

You can buy them separately, or find them together in a single remedy at your favorite vitamin store or online.