END arthritis pain with this ALL-NATURAL secret

It could be the MISSING LINK for pain relief, especially if you have arthritis in the knees.

A powerful natural compound was just put to the test in the most rigorous research possible.

And the results were AMAZING!

The secret is resveratrol, an age-stopping, death-defying, inflammation-blocking superstar better known as the “red wine antioxidant.”

But don’t go out and buy a case of your favorite red just yet.

There’s something the media gets badly wrong about resveratrol. And you’ll see for yourself in a moment when I share the ONLY way to get this powerful compound in the amounts you TRULY need.

First, a look at the groundbreaking new study that’s promising to rewrite the book on arthritis and how it’s treated.

Patients with painful knee degeneration were given either 500 mg of all-natural resveratrol or a placebo along with a prescription NSAID painkiller.

At the start of the study, the folks rated their pain levels at around an 80 on a 100-point scale.

What happened next was stunning.

Just 30 days later, the folks given the resveratrol with their painkillers saw their pain levels plunge by 64 percent. After 60 days, those pain levels dropped by 72.5 percent.

The folks who took the drug with a placebo saw only minor improvements.

The patients given resveratrol also saw their levels of inflammation plunge by multiple measures including TNF-αlpha, interleukin IL-1 beta, and IL-6.

Less pain. Less inflammation. More relief.

The only thing this study was missing? I wish they had a third group of patients – folks who DIDN’T get the NSAID painkiller, but got resveratrol both on its own and in combination with other natural inflammation-fighters.

My guess is they’d find the NSAID would be completely unnecessary.

OK, so now you know your knees need this stuff.

But how do you get it?

Like I said earlier, it’s called the “red wine antioxidant,” and the media just LOVES to play that up despite the fact that a glass of red can have 1 milligram or less of resveratrol.

That means you’d have to drink around 500 glasses of wine per day to get the levels used in the study!

You can also find it in berries and cocoa, which contain a little more than what’s in wine, but it’s still not close to what you need.

To truly get the levels necessary to fight pain and enjoy the other age-defying benefits, you’ll need a resveratrol supplement. You’ll find it available both on its own and as part of antioxidant blends.