Amazing nutrient BOOSTS breast cancer survival by 20%

It’s the ONE pill every woman with breast cancer absolutely MUST take.

And it’s not a toxic drug with sickening side effects.

But it can help you SURVIVE this disease in ways that NO DRUG IN THE WORLD can promise!

This nutrient is so simple, so humble, so common and so inexpensive that I almost hesitate to name it.

For now, let’s call it by its scientific name: Cholecalciferol.

I’ll get to its more common name in a moment, right after I give you the skinny on THREE recent studies that reveal the role cholecalciferol plays in preventing, fighting and even CURING breast cancer.

First up, if you DON’T have the disease – yet – one of the studies shows how a little cholecalciferol can help make sure you never get it.

Boosting your levels of this single easy-to-find compound will cut your breast cancer risk by as much as 80 percent!

The second study not only confirms that this natural therapy will cut your cancer risk, but finds the biggest benefit goes to women who need help most: Older women, who face a higher risk of disease in the first place.

But what if you already have cancer?

That’s where this stuff REALLY shines.

That second study finds that in addition to PREVENTING cancer, that very same cholecalciferol will cut your risk of DYING from the disease in HALF!

Too good to be true?

Well, I’ve got yet another new study on this.

Researchers in Ireland looked not only at blood levels of a marker for cholecalciferol, but specifically women with breast cancer who were taking supplements to help boost those levels.

These women had a 20 percent HIGHER rate of survival than women who weren’t taking the supplements.

Even when the mainstream admits that you need cholecalciferol, they’ll insist supplements won’t help and you shouldn’t even bother.

The new study proves them wrong, showing why every older woman should be taking cholecalciferol, whether they’ve had breast cancer or are just looking to avoid it.

Never heard of it? Sure you have: It’s better known as vitamin D3, and it’s available for pennies a day from just about any vitamin shop.