Freeze and REVERSE aging with this exotic superstar

Some folks think life is like the sands in the proverbial hourglass – and when that last grain drops, that’s it.

Well, friend, if you see it that way, I’ve got the news you’ve been waiting for.

There’s a way to FLIP that hourglass over, RESET the clock and RESTORE years to your life… and not just by increasing how long you live.

It can also do something far more important.

This one little trick – which relies on something ALREADY inside your body RIGHT NOW – can make sure those years are some of the best you’ve ever had.

It’s the ultimate key to energy, vitality and strength as new research finds this little secret is locked away in something called your telomeres.

When telomeres go south, the study finds, you lose the power to do things for yourself and slip into functional decline.

Even once-simple activities such as carrying your own groceries or walking up a staircase become difficult… maybe even impossible.

But when your telomeres stay strong, you stay vibrant and independent well into your 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.

So what are these telomeres?

You can’t see them or feel them. But every single DNA strand in your body has them.

Think of them as a little cap on the end of each one, helping to make sure they don’t unwind and fall apart.

As you get older, they get shorter.

And when they get TOO short, well… that’s a little like watching those last grains of sand drop in the hourglass. It’s when you face all the major “risks” of aging, including chronic disease and death.

Now, the new study finds another risk of short telomeres: When they shrink, you end up struggling with everyday function and the frustrating physical limitations that can keep you from doing the things you love.

That, in turn, can lead to functional decline and a loss of independence.

The study stops right there and makes it seem like there’s nothing you can do about it.

When those telomeres shrink, that’s all she wrote.

But as I mentioned earlier, you can flip the hourglass.

You can PROTECT your telomeres, STOP them from shrinking and even help them to GROW again.

An exotic herbal remedy called ashwagandha root extract has proven in lab studies to boost an enzyme called telomerase by 45 percent.

Telomerase has one job: It helps stop your telomeres from shrinking too much, too quickly. By enhancing the enzyme, you can slow the shrink… and as the new study shows, that means staying “young” even when the calendar claims you’re “old.”

Maybe it’s time to buy a new calendar!

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