The HIDDEN dementia trigger HIDING in your home

Cut your dementia risk… protect your brain… and potentially REVERSE cognitive problems with the flick of a switch?

It just might be possible, my friend, and the latest research shows how easy it is.

And when I talk about the “flick of a switch,” I’m not using a metaphor.

There’s likely a literal switch IN YOUR HOME right now, one most people almost never use, that can help shield your brain.

I’ll tell you where it is in a second.

First, let me tell you a little about WHY you want to flick that switch.

It’s one that can quickly and easily rid your home of a common gas particle called nitrogen dioxide, aka NO2, and the new study finds the low-but-steady levels found in tens of millions of American homes could be doing slow and quiet damage inside your brain.

High levels of exposure to these particles will boost your overall risk of dementia by 40 percent, and your odds of Alzheimer’s disease specifically by 50 percent over 7 years, according to the new study.

The study finds other common pollutants will also increase your risk of dementia, but the biggest link is with nitrogen dioxide.

Now, there are plenty of sources of NO2, with the most common being automobiles.

Typically, highways are where you’ll find the highest levels.

But if you use gas at home, especially for cooking, you could have levels in your own kitchen that EXCEED anything on those highways when you’re cooking.

And that’s what brings me to that switch I mentioned earlier.

It’s the one over the hood of the stove that controls the exhaust fan… the one most people only use when the smoke alarm goes off.

Use it any time you cook – even if you don’t see or smell anything burning – and it will suck up those invisible NO2 particles and send them out the vents instead of into your lungs and brain.

Want to cut your exposure even more? Get an air purifier for your home with a HEPA filter. NO2 particles are very small and often will pass right through a filter, but it will catch at least some of them. One study found a HEPA filter will cut NO2 levels by between 20 percent and 27 percent.

It will also dramatically reduce your exposure to other common pollutants, including the kinds that can lead to dementia, heart problems, stroke and more.

Between the purifier and your kitchen exhaust fan, you can cook with gas and cut your exposure (and the risks) at the same time.