Make allergies DISAPPEAR! (No shots required!)

Wake up and smell the pumpkin spice? Not if you have allergies!

The seasonal sniffles are often at their worst in spring.

But there’s a second spike here in autumn from wet leaves, dying grass, mold spores and way-too-early Christmas decorations.

Santa showing up before Halloween? I’m allergic to that!

Kidding aside, there’s a way to CURE allergies that’ll help you breathe easy all year long.

It’s simple. It’s safe. It’s dirt cheap.

The mainstream won’t tell you about it (but I will in just a moment).

That’s because they’re too busy pushing expensive drugs that can practically turn you into a sleepwalking zombie. Even the so-called non-drowsy drugs can knock you right out (seriously – read the fine print on those things).

Now, the mainstream claims they have something even better.

They’re working on a new kind of allergy shot, this time as a vaccination.

Yep. Just what the world DOESN’T need: More vaccines.

The new “vaccine” is a quiet confession that the current allergy shots have some MAJOR downsides.

First, you need regular injections for YEARS before they fully take effect.

Second, they may not be safe because they’ve never been given the kinds of rigorous long-term safety tests that should be required of anything intended to have a long-term effect on the body.

And third, some of the shots contain aluminum, a toxic metal that can travel to and accumulate in your brain, setting the stage for neurodegenerative disease such as dementia.

Supposedly, the new vaccine they’re working on will take effect quicker so people will get a much more immediate benefit with far fewer shots. But since it’s only been tested in mice so far, I wouldn’t hold my breath (although that’s one way to cut your exposure to allergens).

But you don’t have to get shots – the current ones, or the up-and-coming new one – to get relief.

Try isopathy instead.

These homeopathic doses of common allergens can stimulate your immune system into action and then “teach” it to handle those allergens.

The exact remedy you’ll need will depend on the trigger. For example, if you are sensitive to ragweed, you will need the homeopathic form of ragweed.

Instead of shots, isopathy is given via drops, usually three times a day. Most people improve in a matter of weeks and eventually can stop the drops, except for an occasional “booster” as needed.

You’ll find them in any pharmacy that stocks natural therapies and health food stores.