Is this secret infection CAUSING Parkinson’s?

It’s a STUNNING confession from the mainstream.

They’ve just admitted that EVERYTHING they’ve told you about Parkinson’s disease is wrong.

More importantly, they’ve just admitted that I’ve been right all along!

This disease ISN’T always caused by irreversible damage to nerves and neurotransmitters in the brain, as they’ve insisted for years.

There’s another trigger… one that can make the disease worse if you have it and, in some cases, can actually cause it.

More importantly, this trigger can be TREATED and DEFEATED, often with NO MEDICATION AT ALL!

The latest research fingers a new culprit for Parkinson’s disease (at least as far as the mainstream is concerned). It finds that H. pylori bacteria – the same bug responsible for ulcers – can play a major role in the development and advance of this frightening condition.

Parkinson’s patients are up to THREE TIMES more likely to be infected with H. pylori, which in turn leads to WORSE control over the disease and WORSE symptoms, including the decline in motor function that is a hallmark of the condition.


Not when you see the next part of the study.

You see, something else happened – something that’s practically a miracle.

When the germ was wiped out, the patients improved… often DRAMATICALLY!

First, wiping out the infection led to better control over the disease, including improvements in motor function.

And second, folks treated for H. pylori were better able to handle, absorb and use levodopa, the main medication given to most Parkinson’s patients.

Since it’s a dangerous drug with serious side effects, that could mean lower doses to minimize the risks that come from taking it.

The research team behind the new study believes the bacteria could be churning out toxins that damage the brain while triggering a “massive inflammatory response” that can worsen nerve and neurotransmitter problems.

But treat the germ, and you can turn it around.

The mainstream treats H. pylori with antibiotics, but therapeutic doses of natural compounds in garlic, cranberry and the sulforaphane (found in cruciferous vegetables) can often wipe out the bacteria.

If you do need the antibiotics, natural probiotics can enhance the germ-killing powers of the drug and reduce side effects.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean H. pylori is responsible for all cases of Parkinson’s disease.

One reason this condition is so tough to treat is that there are a number of potential causes, including everything from undiagnosed infection (as the new study shows) to metals exposure.

Your best bet is work closely with a holistic medical doctor who can test you for all the possible causes and help to treat them naturally.

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