Repair your lungs with this completely natural cure

It’s one of the top causes of death in the nation, and for guys it’s a condition that ends more lives than prostate cancer.

Yet you don’t hear a peep about it!

I’m talking about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

And there’s a new breakthrough that can help you reverse it.

So why haven’t you heard about it?

It’s not because it doesn’t work.

It’s because it’s NOT very profitable for the drug companies!

This secret, all-natural weapon against COPD is testosterone. And testosterone is essential to more than just muscle, stamina and the ability to get busy in the bedroom.

It also plays a role in dozens of other critical functions, including how well your lungs help you suck up oxygen.

And if you have COPD, you’ve got two things working against you when it comes to your hormones.

First, most people with the disease are older, which is when testosterone levels plunge even in the healthiest of us.

And second, many of the meds given for COPD – especially steroid drugs – can cause your testosterone to drop even more.

The result?

Your T tank is running on fumes!

In the new study, guys who had testosterone replacement therapy saw incredible changes.

Specifically, they had a lower risk of needing serious medical attention because of their COPD.

In middle-aged men, testosterone therapy cut the risk of hospitalization by nearly 5 percent compared to guys who didn’t get the treatments.

And in older men – guys who often need help the most – that benefit doubled, to nearly 10 percent!

That, scientists say, is a solid indication that this safe and natural therapy actually slows the advance of this deadly disease.

If it improves lung function, it may even help you reduce your dependence on medication.

If you have COPD, obviously don’t stop your normal treatments on your own.

But DO ask your doctor about hormone therapy. Print this out and bring it with you to show to him, or tell him he can find all the data to back it up in the (very mainstream) journal Chronic Respiratory Disease.

Once your hormones come back into line, your disease may come under control – and then, you may be able to work with your doc on reducing or even eliminating some of your medications so you can breathe easier in spite of your disease.