The PROVEN flu-shot alternative that really WORKS!

Last year’s flu season was one of the deadliest in years, and the mainstream is already doing some finger-pointing.

Are they blaming the virus, for being “stronger” than usual?


Are they blaming a vaccine that doesn’t work well even in the best of years?


Are they blaming themselves, for refusing to admit that there’s a highly effective way to beat the flu without the shot?


They’re pointing the finger at someone else entirely.

They’re blaming YOU!

“Those 80,000 people who died from flu last year? Guess what? They got it from someone,” Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said at a news conference. “Someone gave them the flu!”

No kidding. He really said that – he’s blaming people who didn’t get the shot, practically calling them killers.

And that’s ridiculous. I mean, Dr. Adams knows darned well that getting the flu shot won’t necessarily keep you from getting or spreading the flu – especially because it works so poorly.

But, of course, mainstream medicine loves to finger-point.

Well, I’m going to take that finger and point it right back – because I’m going to spill the beans on the one thing they hope you never hear.

I’ve got the full scoop on a science-backed alternative to the flu shot that can arm your immune system to fight the virus this year and every year.

And they’re REALLY hoping you don’t hear about it now, because this year’s flu shot seems to be off to a poor start.

But first… let me say a word about flu deaths.

Now, I don’t know how many people truly died of flu last year.

But I do know this: If anyone has so much as a sniffle before they die, they often get counted as a “flu” death. They could die of a heart attack, but if they sneezed beforehand, they blame the flu.

It’s a little numbers game designed to spread fear.

Of course, eventually, we will have a truly terrible flu season.

It’s bound to happen.

When it comes along, however, you won’t find me rolling up my sleeve.

Instead of relying on a toxin-packed vaccine with a history of failure, I’ll be arming my immune system with proven virus-fighters, just as I do every year.

And you can do the same!

The amino acid n'acetylcysteine, a.k.a. NAC, is proven to BLOCK the flu virus even when you’ve been exposed.

Take 600 mg twice a day on an empty stomach during flu season (start now).

The Chinese herb Astragalus membranaceus is also proven to activate white blood cells against viruses, specifically the ones behind respiratory infections including the flu. Take 500 mg twice a day.

If you happen to get sick anyway, boost your NAC to 2,000-3,000 mg a day to cut the duration and severity and consider visiting a holistic medical doctor for intravenous vitamin C.