[Warning] Knee pain linked to DEADLY new risks

It’s an urgent warning from DEEP inside your body.

You probably thought that arthritis pain was just a sign of old age and creaky joints.

And in many ways, it is.

But new research reveals how it could also mean something else entirely – something far more urgent.

And unless you act right now, you could face something a whole lot worse than just knee pain.

Your LIFE could be on the line!

In a moment, I’ll tell you the single most important step you can take to END the pain and CUT those deadly risks.

First, the new study that’s causing doctors everywhere to completely rethink knee arthritis and what it might really mean.

And what it means is this: The more damage in your knee, the bigger your risk of death from three of today’s top killer conditions.

The new study focused on what’s called the Kellgren–Lawrence score, or an indication of how much arthritis damage you have in the knee.

If you’re at a grade 2 or higher, you’re at risk of more than just creaky knees.

You’re facing DOUBLE the risk of death from diabetes, a 43 percent jump in the risk of death from heart disease and a 14 percent increase in your risk of death from kidney disease.

If you’ve let yourself go a little over the years and put on too much weight, the risks are even higher, with the odds of death from diabetes jumping by more than SEVEN times.

The study doesn’t get into the reason for the risk, but part of it could be related to the inflammatory chemicals pumped out as a distress call by your crumbling knee.

When they get into the bloodstream, they can lead to an inflammatory response in other places including your heart and your kidneys.

And that, as the new study shows, could mean trouble.

But you can turn it around in a flash with an all-natural plan to STOP the damage, EASE the pain and PROTECT you from all of the risks uncovered by the new study.

The compounds locked inside Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) can help give your knees what they need to repair and rebuild joints. In real-world studies, arthritis patients given this potent nondrug therapy enjoyed a 75.9 percent plunge in pain related to range of motion and a 72.5 percent drop in discomfort.

They had MORE flexibility and LESS pain!

You’ll find NEM available both on its own and as part of cutting-edge knee support formulas.