Beat this “secret” breast cancer side effect

Ladies, cancer docs will promise you the sun, the moon and the stars…

They’ll wow you with stories about how their “modern” treatments are helping more women than ever beat breast cancer.

But there’s one thing they WON’T talk about…

They won’t say a WORD about what happens to women like you AFTER the treatment.

Lots of women see their health take a permanent turn for the worse. Not because of their cancer… but because of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Women who survive both cancer and their treatment often find themselves living in a permanent fog afterward, struggling with both memory and other brain problems.

Now, a recent study tried to claim that breast cancer survivors DON’T have a higher risk of cognitive problems.

That’s the overall claim, but it’s not the whole story.

The researchers found one set of patients who DO often suffer from brain issues.

Breast cancer survivors between the ages of 60 and 98 who have a very common genetic mutation often flunk cognitive tests, especially after chemotherapy.

The biggest struggles come in the critical areas of attention, processing speed and that all-important executive functioning.

Researchers  trying to dismiss this as a “small subset” of patients, but up to 1 in 4 women carry this gene, and most don’t know it.

It’s called APOE-4, and it’s most commonly linked to Alzheimer’s.

In cancer patients, it’s as if the treatment – especially chemo – flips the switch on that gene and kicks it into overdrive, putting you at risk for decline and setting the stage for either dementia or dementia-like problems.

But you can fight back in two ways.

First, not all cancers need aggressive treatments and some don’t need to be treated at all, so be sure to get all your options before deciding.

And second, if you do need treatment, natural therapies such as omega-3 fish oil, glutathione and citicoline can help limit the damage and help protect you from the cellular stress of cancer care, including chemo.

Your best bet is to work closely with a holistic medical doctor.