Ladies: Unlocking this secret adds YEARS to your life!

Ever see these online videos of people doing dumb stunts?

I say “people” but let’s face it: It’s always guys.

Maybe that’s one reason women live longer!

But, trust me, it’s not the only reason.

Earlier this month, some of the world’s top experts in women’s health met to discuss why gals keep outliving guys.

And, believe it or not, it’s your estrogen!

Now, that shouldn’t come as too big of a shock.

We know that naturally higher estrogen levels in women, for example, can help protect against heart disease.

But the meeting of the North American Menopause Society dug even further.

It looked at the BIG picture in your cells, specifically your telomeres, or the little caps that sit on the ends of your DNA.

As you get older, those caps shrink – and when they get too short, you’re a sitting duck for lots of serious diseases.

Estrogen can protect those telomeres, hitting the “pause” button on the aging process at the cellular level.

It’s so effective that estrogen alone could be the main reason women live FIVE YEARS longer than men.

The good news of course is that you’ve already got estrogen.

The bad news?

After menopause, those levels plunge – and when they dip, you can face low energy… mood problems… weight gain… and more.

But we can FIX it.

We can raise those levels again, not only protecting against aging but also maybe adding years to your life.

There are safe and natural ways to get your own body to do the work for you and increase estrogen production on its own.

A little weight loss, for example, can stimulate estrogen production in older women.

If you’ve tried that and still fall short, then you may need a little more help in the form of bioidentical hormones in the care of an experienced holistic medical doctor.

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