SMASH deadly clots and SAVE your life!

It’s a HALLOWEEN horror story – a cold-blooded killer on the loose.

But it’s not a slasher flick on TV or any of the candy-seeking ghouls that’ll be knocking on your door tomorrow.

It’s inside your own body.

You could have a clot in your leg, right now, and not even know it. Like the most terrifying movie killers, it sits back… quietly… stalking you.

And when it makes its move, you’re in trouble.

If a leg clot breaks off and heads for your lungs, your odds of survival are as low as 20 percent.

But today, I’m going to even those odds and give you a fighting chance against this killer.

If you have deep vein thrombosis or are prone to these clots… or if you’re simply concerned you could have one… there’s a safe and natural way to break them up or even prevent them from forming in the first place.

This all-natural therapy could have the power to melt away the painful clots you can feel, which can turn a simple stroll into an exercise in agony. More importantly, they can save you from those terrifying “unknown” clots that can quietly form with no symptoms at all.

When doctors spot clots, they usually prescribe blood thinners.

But those drugs can work a little too well, thinning the blood so effectively that you could suffer from dangerous internal bleeding.

Now, the new study uncovers a better and safer way to bust up clots.

It’s called Pycnogenol, also known as French maritime pine bark extract, already a proven circulation booster.

In the new study, patients with recurring deep vein thrombosis or post-thrombosis symptoms were all given special compression socks as well as advice on how to prevent clots.

But then they were split up into five groups.

Some got only the socks and the advice. Two groups got different types of blood thinners, while another set of patients got aspirin.

But it’s the fifth set that’s the game-changer.

They weren’t given drugs.

They were given that Pycnogenol – and the results blew every other group in the study away.

It cut their risk of recurrent thrombosis and post-thrombosis symptoms by TWO-THIRDS compared to the control group!

If you’ve had a clot, or are at risk for them, talk to a holistic doc about adding this potent natural therapy your daily routine.

It might also be smart to consider before flying long-distance or taking a long train or car ride, which can increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis, especially if you already have circulation struggles.