CURE your pre-diabetes with this exotic spice

The mainstream is desperately trying to SELL pre-diabetes as a disease of its own, and you know what that means.

It’s ulterior motive time!

They’re not really selling the disease. They’re hoping to sell you a “cure” in the form of expensive and sickening meds.

I’ll give them one thing: Pre-diabetes really is a disease of its own, and not just because it can lead to diabetes.

Even if you NEVER develop full-blown diabetes, the spiraling blood sugar levels that mark pre-diabetes can ruin your health and threaten your life.

But you don’t need a drug to cure it.

I’ll give you the effortless secret to stopping this new “disease” cold in a moment. It costs just pennies a day, and in one clinical trial was 100 percent effective.

First, let me share with you what NOT to do, and that’s fall for this crazy new push to sell the failing diet drug lorcaserin (Belviq) as a pre-diabetes cure.

Over the course of a year, folks with prediabetes HbA1c levels of between 5.7 percent and 6.5 percent saw a drop of about 0.33 percent.

Big whoop.

They also lost an average of half a pound a month, or 6.2 pounds over the course of that year.

Again, big whoop… especially when you consider that this med is supposed to help you lose weight.

It’s the drug’s MAIN JOB, yet it barely made a difference!

But it was enough to cut the risk of prediabetes turning into diabetes by nearly 20 percent, and that no doubt has Big Pharma dreaming of huge profits.

After all, there are 84 million Americans with pre-diabetes. Since this drug costs $290 a month, you don’t need a calculator to see how quickly that can turn into BILLIONS of dollars.

For patients, however, this drug is much less appealing.

Not only will you NOT lose much weight, but you can face a risk of side effects ranging from bloody urine and bladder pain to headaches and dizziness.

There’s a much simpler cure for pre-diabetes.

It comes with no risks, and doesn’t cost $290 a month.

In fact, you can get it for about 6 cents a day!

The secret is curcumin, a potent natural anti-inflammatory locked inside the spice turmeric.

In one study, curcumin went up against a placebo in 119 patients with pre-diabetes.

Over nine months, 19 of the patients given the placebo developed diabetes versus NONE of the folks given curcumin.

That’s right… it was 100 percent effective.

Obviously, you can’t eat a sack of leftover Halloween candy and pop some curcumin to reverse the damage.

But if you have prediabetes and are doing your best, curcumin can help make sure it never turns into diabetes. It may even help you reverse it completely and bring your blood sugar levels back down to normal.