END painful UTIs with this drug-free attack plan

How disappointing…

I thought that mainstream medicine had finally… finally… gotten something right.

There’s a new study claiming you can stop urinary tract infections without TOUCHING prescription drugs.

Sounds good, right?

I thought so too. I work with my own patients prone to these infections all the time, and I know of about half a dozen ways to effectively cut those risks without drugs.

Yet the new study focused on exactly NONE of them!

Don’t worry; I’ll give you a couple of the very best in a moment.

First let’s look at what NOT to do, and that’s follow the advice of the new study and drink more water.

And I’m talking about A LOT more water.

The study claims knocking back those extra glasses will cut your UTIs in half.

That’s about the benefit you could expect from taking preventive antibiotics… and since it’s not a drug, it sure sounds like a terrific option.

But you have to drink a TON of water.

The women in the study drank 8 extra glasses a day. That’s 48 additional ounces of fluid per day, on top of what they were already drinking, for a total of about 88 ounces a day.

They must have been BURSTING at the seams!

Here’s what I think will happen: Docs now have a “natural” cure they can point to instead of drugs, and many will urge their patients to try it.

They’ll tell you all about this study and the amazing results, knowing full well that one of three things will happen:

  • You’ll never, ever be able to drink that much water in a day, especially if you’re on the smaller side;
  • You’ll drink that much water per day… for a little while… but not long enough to actually see any benefit;
  • You’ll pull it off… you’ll guzzle those gallons, see an amazing difference, and then quit anyway because it’s exhausting to drink that much water (and let’s not even get started on how often you’ll have to run for the toilet).

Next thing you know, you’re on meds anyway.

But you don’t have to choose between trying to knock back glass after glass of water or a lifetime supply of antibiotics.

There are several better options out there, and I’m going to give you two of the best right now.

The first is a time-tested ingredient many people already swear by: cranberry. Skip the juice and go right for the extract.

The second doesn’t get nearly as much attention, but it should. D-mannose has proven in studies to be as effective as drugs at preventing recurring UTIs, but without the risks.

You can take it on its own or combine it with cranberry for a powerful infection-fighting one-two punch.