END knee pain WITHOUT a joint replacement!

Some people brag about their new cars. But once you’re past a certain age, you start to hear a different kind of boast.

“Check out my new knees!”

At a cost of about $50,000 a pop, a new knee can be more expensive than a new car, too.

But while cars are getting more reliable, some of those new knees are lemons.

And many patients are complaining that they’re NOT getting the promised relief.

Some feel WORSE than ever, and more than 1 in 10 eventually need a second surgery.

In a moment, I’ll give you my keys to saving your knees. You’ll FEEL like you’ve got a new set of joints, but WITHOUT the pain and expense of surgery.

First, a new report exposes the ugly truth about the often-empty promise of a knee replacement.

Sure, some folks might truly need it.

But most DON’T.

They’re being PUSHED into knee replacements not because the operation is the best way to beat the pain… but because some surgeons are more like those shady car salesmen.

They’re just trying to seal the deal, making any empty promise they can to close the sale and cash the check.

That’s helped knee replacements turn into a $10-billion-a-year industry.

Now, the mainstream finally admits it’s gone too far.

A new report in the New York Times said LESS THAN HALF of all knee replacements actually meet the clinical guidelines for the job.

Just 44 percent are considered “appropriate,” while more than a third never should have been done at all.

These folks all had other options they could’ve tried – should’ve tried – first.

But they didn’t, and not because they WANT surgery.

No one WANTS that.

It’s because many were misled by surgeons who made them believe it was their best or only option.

But that’s just not true.

There’s another way – a better way – to give your knees what they need to PROTECT and REBUILD the joint.

You’ll FEEL better, enjoy MORE movement and might NEVER need that surgery!

Start with natural eggshell membrane.

It’s been proven in research to dramatically ease pain, help rebuild joints, and restore comfort. It’s available both on its own and as part of the latest cutting-edge joint-building supplements.