Why diets FAIL… and how to succeed WITHOUT one!

It’s official: Your diet has already failed… even if you haven’t started it yet!

New numbers from the federal government expose the ugly truth about decades of mainstream diet advice.

NONE of it works!

Just about EVERY diet is doomed from the beginning, which shouldn’t surprise you too much. You’ve no doubt watched friends and loved ones proudly announce their new diets… and then struggle with tiny Tupperware meals or frozen microwaved dinners.

Odds are, you’ve tried and failed yourself – maybe more than a few times.

There’s no shame in admitting it.

It’s not your fault, because your diet attempts were missing one key ingredient.

I’ll give that secret to success in just a moment.

First, the new numbers from the CDC that show exactly what you’re up against – and why it’s practically impossible to drop those extra pounds.

The number of dieters has increased just about every single year over the past decade, and it’s now reached a new high-water mark.

HALF of all U.S. adults tried a diet this year alone.

How’s that working out for them?

Not very well: Despite MORE people working to LOSE weight, other recent CDC numbers show the obesity rate is still steadily RISING.

Think it’s bad now?

Wait another six weeks, when the New Year comes and literally EVERYONE starts boasting about their diet resolutions.

Then watch how quickly those resolutions break.

Some of them don’t even make it to January 2!

But you don’t have to wait until the New Year to lose weight… and you don’t need to try a radial diet where you’ll starve yourself into failure.

They KEY reason diets fail isn’t because of your own efforts.

It’s because fat cells have a way to make themselves DIET-PROOF. They develop a “shield” in the form of a protein called perilipin, or PLIN.

When you diet, they hide behind that shield.

The result? It’s exactly what we see in the new CDC numbers, and just what you’ve noticed all around you: Even when you diet, you CAN’T lose weight.

Not very effectively anyway.

That leads to frustration and failure.

But there’s a way to turn it around. Two natural compounds, one from a fruit called Garcinia mangostana, the other from a flower known as Sphaeranthus indicus, can shatter that PLIN shield.

They disarm the fat cells so effectively that one study out of UC Davis found this combo can TRIPLE weight loss.

You’ll find these compounds sold on their own, but for the best results look for a weight-loss formula that contains the two together, along with other natural diet-boosters.